The main reasons why the temperature of the parking heater is not reached when it is used:

The parking heater, as its name implies, can work without the involvement of the engine. It is mainly used for preheating the engine and cab of the car, so that the vehicle can be heated quickly and the seat personnel can be heated quickly.

Parking heater is classified into air heater, fuel heater, water heater, etc. Friends with cars have a well-known knowledge that when driving in winter, they must turn on the car air conditioner to warm themselves up.


I want to know that after the car is cold started, it cannot be heated directly. You need to start the car for a period of time before the engine is heated to blow out the warm air. In winter, this process takes a long time, and the temperature is only 29 degrees Celsius, which increases the fuel consumption of the car, increases the wear of the engine, and the heat comes slowly. At this time, it reflects the purpose of the parking heater.

The working temperature of the parking heater is generally about minus 45 degrees to 35 degrees above zero. It is independent of the starting of your car's engine system. It does not increase the wear consumption of the engine or the fuel consumption of the car. It is very energy-saving. For the fuel consumption of 0.24-0.45l/h, you can calculate the fuel consumption with and without air conditioning, and then calculate the fuel consumption of parking heater. It is concluded that the fuel consumption with parking heater is lower.

The parking heater is mainly used in cold areas such as private cars, new energy vehicles, trucks and trucks or in winter. It is suitable for long-term heating needs or quick start-up of cars. It is very suitable for friends driving large cars and long-distance buses.



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