Does the operation of the parking heater need to be started?

Of course, the answer is No. the parking heater is made of the most advanced all cast aluminum material in the world. It is an on-board heating equipment independent of the car starter. It has its own switch, which is connected to the car battery. After the electric fire, it lights the oil taking connector to suck up the oil. The water pump works to suck the antifreeze in the car. The heater heats the antifreeze and the water pump circulates. There is no need to start the car starter, The computer of the heater can start a special heater to heat the cabin and the starter. When you open the door, the comfortable and warm heat flow will come to you immediately. The primary components of parking heater can be divided into heater body, circulating pump, metering oil pump, intake muffler, exhaust muffler, timer and remote control.




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