The parking heater teaches you how to use the parking heater and precautions

How to use the parking heater: press the heater water pump switch, and the water pump works. The switch can be used to warm the car and defrost the windshield with the waste heat of the engine; Press the heater switch, the heater starts to work and ignites automatically.

How to use the parking heater:

When shutting down, first turn off the heater switch, and then turn off the water pump switch. Parking heater is an on-board heating device different from automobile engine. It has its own fuel pipeline, circuit, combustion heating device and control device. It can preheat and heat up the automobile engine and cab parked in the low-temperature and cold environment in winter without starting the engine. Its working principle is to use the battery and fuel tank of the vehicle to provide instant power supply and a small amount of oil supply, The heat generated by burning gasoline is used to heat the circulating water of the engine, so as to make the engine hot start and raise the temperature of the cab at the same time.

Precautions for use of parking heater:

When the temperature drops, use the second gear in advance. When the engine stalls after freezing oil, lift up the cab and use the oil pump to jump the oil before use. The oil pipe joint is not removable. Fuse must be added to the power supply, and the insurance capacity shall not be greater than 15 Amps. The replacement times of diesel filter element shall be appropriately increased. To replace the standard filter element, the non-standard filter element will cause the upper plane of the electric heating pipe of the electric heating cup to press against the inner core of the filter element, resulting in cracks and oil leakage in the shell of the electric heating cup.



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