Problems needing attention in the installation and use of diesel heating parking heater

Warm parking heater is a vehicle heating equipment, which is generally used for heating the truck cab. It can be used when driving and parking, and saves money, fuel and operation cost. Now it is unrealistic to start the engine for heating when there is a traffic jam in winter or sleeping on the truck at night, so most drivers will install firewood heating parking heaters. Because it works independently and does not affect driving and parking, it is very popular with drivers.

There is a certain danger in the diesel heating parking heater. It is recommended that you go to regular channels to find qualified maintenance masters to install it and choose large brands with reliable quality. After all, changing all kinds of pipelines is not a simple thing. Don't find a roadside stall casually. If you don't pass the technology, problems will be very troublesome. The main reason is that the installation of diesel heating parking heater in the later stage of the vehicle requires the modification of the oil circuit and circuit of the original vehicle. If the modification is not standardized and the safety is not up to standard, it is easy to have various problems. Therefore, we should pay more attention when installing and using.




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