Installation method of parking heater

Diesel heating parking heater can be divided into two types according to voltage classification,

12V and 24V can be divided into integrated machine, two body machine and three body machine according to the shape classification.

Installation method of all-in-one machine:

The all-in-one machine is easy to install. It can be used with oil and power supply (it is free of installation). Note: it is necessary to connect the exhaust pipe and air inlet pipe outside the vehicle, otherwise it is strictly prohibited to use.

Installation method of two body machine:

The installation methods of two body machine and one-piece machine are basically the same. The biggest difference is that the two body machine installs the oil tank separately, which makes it convenient for users to choose a high-capacity oil tank. Note: the intake pipe is close to the oil pipe, and the exhaust pipe is far away from the oil pipe.

When installing the oil pump, it should be noted that it cannot be installed horizontally. It must be installed obliquely. The angle of the oil pump outlet should be 35 degrees to 45 degrees, and the oil outlet end should face upward (the oil pump with the plug direction is the oil outlet). The oil pump is generally marked and then fixed.

Connect the power supply: the power supply of the diesel warm parking heater can be directly connected to the positive and negative poles of the battery. There is no need to destroy the original vehicle line. Install the remote controller and manual switch. Be sure to unplug the fuse during installation and plug in the fuse after installation to avoid short circuit in the wiring.



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