What should we pay attention to before and after the installation of electric car heater?

1. Before the equipment, check the electric car heater is in good condition, and screw out the pipe buckle and plug.

2. When using steam as heating medium for electric car heater, preheat the radiator steam about 10 minutes before the fan starts, so as to avoid entering the cold water tank and a lot of condensed water suddenly, impacting the equipment.

3. It should be connected with electric car heater (pipes and pipes) and the size of radiator inlet and outlet pipe joint should be the same. It can not be used to support heater pipe.

4. Air energy water heater should be clearly seen in the home equipment. A coin with a hole in one end of the finned tube of the intake pipe. The drain pipe shall be equipped with a drain valve, and the displacement of the drain valve shall be 3-4 times of that of the radiator.

5. When the intake pipe of the electric car heater is directly connected with the outside world, a blocking device is set at the air inlet to avoid freezing when the radiator stops working.

The main content of this issue is these. I hope you can master the related content of electric car heater in time. I also hope you can share your good experience with us in the process of applying electric car heater






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