How to prevent carbon deposition?

How to prevent carbon deposition?

1. Go to the regular gas station to refuel

The carbon deposition produced by some vehicles is likely to be filled with gasoline in informal gas stations. It is easy to produce carbon deposition because the gasoline quality is not up to standard. Therefore, we should choose a regular gas station when refueling.

2. Remember to warm up or idle for a long time

Generally, you can drive at a low speed after the cold car is started, and you can drive normally after the engine temperature comes up. You don't have to deliberately choose the hot car in place.

3. If possible, run more high-speed

Occasionally running down the high speed has certain advantages. Usually, a large air flow is used to scour the inlet to effectively reduce the accumulation of carbon. The actual effect is good, but it is not so obvious. Therefore, it is not cost-effective to deliberately run at the high speed.

4. Avoid shifting at low speeds

Many old drivers especially like low-speed gear shifting. In fact, it is easy to accumulate carbon and consume fuel. Generally, models with manual gear should increase the speed appropriately and then shift, which is not only conducive to reducing carbon deposition, but also improve fuel economy. Similarly, for cars with automatic transmission, we should also pay attention to reasonable speed-up and gear shifting.



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