What if the car window fogs

Everyone must have encountered the situation that the windows are foggy when driving, which makes it impossible to see the road ahead and the rearview mirror clearly This is a very dangerous time for driving cars and drivers. This situation will be even more dangerous if you encounter direct sunlight or the light of the meeting car opposite. After reading this article, I believe it can make you easily deal with the danger brought by this situation and reach your destination safely.

DIY can easily handle the fogging of windows, avoid temperature difference and reduce humidity

First of all, there are two conditions for fogging. One is that the humidity is too high: when the air humidity is certain and the window temperature is lower than the dew point temperature, condensation will form on the window surface, which is the fogging phenomenon of the front windshield we often see. One is that the temperature is too low: there is a certain temperature difference on both sides of the window. When the saturated steam pressure of the surface water with low temperature is lower than the steam pressure of the surrounding environment, the water vapor will gather on the glass surface and form fog steam in the form of tiny water droplets.

If the dew point temperature is higher than zero ℃, fog will be formed; If the dew point temperature is lower than zero degrees Celsius, it will turn into frost.

Methods to avoid fogging of windows:

1. Spraying antifogging agent and other preventive methods.

Spray a little demister on the car glass window and wipe it clean to remove the dirt and spots on the glass window. While polishing the glass, a thin transparent protective film is formed on the glass, which can effectively prevent the fog layer formed by the condensation of water vapor on the glass, especially suitable for cold winter. It can replace antifogging agent and detergent. After soapy water, glycerin, alcohol or salt water is dried, wipe the excess fiber with suede or soft dry cloth. It can ensure that the car glass will not be fogged within a few days.

DIY can easily handle the fogging of windows, avoid temperature difference and reduce humidity



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