Eight major car maintenance in winter should not be underestimated

Eight major car maintenance in winter should not be underestimated

Note 1: you can change the high-scale gasoline in winter. If you usually use No. 90 gasoline, you can change it to No. 93 gasoline. Because the ambient temperature of vehicles in winter is lower, using high-scale gasoline has higher ignition point and stronger ignition ability.

Note 2: Although the use of glass cleaning water will be significantly reduced in winter, it cannot be ignored. Some people use clean water and cleaning water instead in other seasons with high consumption, but those substitutes often freeze in winter, so they cannot be used in winter. In the environment below zero degrees Celsius in winter, it is necessary to replace the antifreeze glass water in winter, or simply add an appropriate proportion of alcohol to the glass water to achieve the purpose of reducing the freezing point and antifreeze.

Note 3: it is best to do a "beauty treatment" for the whole body of the car before winter. Because it will be cold and the number of vehicle brushing will be reduced after winter, waxing at the beginning of winter is a good way to maintain car paint. In addition, the waxed car body is not easy to get wet, and it is not easy to condense into ice in winter.

Note 4: replace the bulb with blackened lamp as soon as possible, and check the condition of fog lamp and brake lamp. It is easy to fog and frost in winter, with low visibility, and there are many rear end collision accidents, so whether the fog lights and high-level brake lights work normally is also the guarantee of driving safety in winter.



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