What is carbon deposition?

When the car is driven for a period of time, you will suddenly find that your car has increased fuel consumption, abnormal acceleration noise, idle jitter and other phenomena, so it is likely that the engine has carbon deposition at this time!

What is carbon deposition?

Carbon deposition is mainly due to the insufficient combustion of fuel in the engine, or the paraffin gum material that cannot be completely burned in gasoline, which remains in fuel injection nozzle, throttle, oil circuit pipeline, spark plug and other components, and turns to form carbon deposition under the action of high temperature.

So what is the carbon deposit in the engine actually washing?

Obviously, carbon deposition is the residue in the fuel injection nozzle, throttle, oil pipeline, spark plug and other components. The frequency of cleaning is the throttle. It is one of the components prone to carbon deposition, which is easy to affect the normal operation of the engine.



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