Installation position and fault code of air heating parking heater

a) The heater is located in front of the co pilot

b) The heater is located between the front and front passenger seats

c) The heater is on the bottom

d) The heater is located under the container

e) The heater is in the trunk

Installation position in the cab of construction machinery vehicle:




a) The heater is located in the box of the driver's seat

b) The heater is located on the rear wall of the driver's seat

c) The heater is located in the protection box

2. Installation angle and fixing

The correct installation angle: according to the actual installation situation, it can be changed into a maximum inclination of 30 degrees (the flow direction of the air body is downward) or a maximum rotation of 90 degrees around its long axis (the exhaust pipe is placed horizontally and the ignition plug points upward).







(ignition plug always points up; only these two installation angles are allowed)

Assembly and fixing: according to the hole drawing, perforate the exhaust gas, combustion air pipe and fuel pipe.



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