What is the principle of the diesel heating parking heater on the truck?

Although the diesel heating parking heater is good, you must pay attention to ventilation when using it. The basic principle of diesel warm parking heater is to directly burn diesel to obtain heat. Diesel warm parking heater is to directly heat air to obtain warm air.

Basic principle of diesel heating parking heater: the diesel pump sucks the diesel from the oil tank and sends it to the combustion chamber. The mixture is ignited by the ignition plug. The exhaust gas from diesel combustion in the combustion chamber is discharged from the exhaust port. The outer wall of the combustion chamber is aluminum alloy with heat dissipation fins, which has fast heat conduction. The fan blows directly into the combustion chamber to send out the hot air.

The part with fins is the combustion chamber, and the fan is on the right. After the fan works, the heat generated in the combustion chamber is sent to the air outlet. The calorific value of diesel is high, and the heat is generated continuously after continuous combustion.

The principle of the ignition plug is similar to that of the spark plug, but the ignition plug is a resistor that ignites the diesel mixture by heating. The combustion chamber is the atomizer (combustion tube), and the shell (outer wall of the combustion chamber) is equipped with a temperature sensor. The temperature sensor provides a temperature signal for the control board, which can control the temperature.

When many electric tricycle drivers can't bear the cold, they will choose to install firewood heating parking heater. That is, a diesel heated parking heater is installed inside the front engine cover of the vehicle. Diesel is added to the fuel tank, and the diesel is burned to deliver warm air to the vehicle.

Firewood heating parking heater was originally a product used for heating in winter on large trucks. It has changed and become a heating artifact for many electric vehicle owners. The refitting cost of diesel heating parking heater is low, and the cost is about 800 yuan. The diesel warm parking heater has high heating efficiency and low heating cost. The most important thing is that the diesel warm parking heater does not affect the endurance of the vehicle



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