Knowledge of parking heater motor

Through the previous article, I believe you have also mastered a lot of knowledge about the parking heater. Next, webstone editor will tell you how to detect the electromechanical fault of the parking heater

1. Fault cause: the motor is not connected correctly

Check whether the plug-in is connected correctly and whether the lead is loose. If so, please plug it again

2. Fault cause: short circuit or open circuit of motor lead

Use a multimeter to check whether the lead of the motor is short circuited or open circuited. If so, please repair or replace it

3. Fault cause: motor damage

Power on the motor and check whether the motor rotates normally. If it cannot rotate normally, please replace it

The main content of this issue is about the electromechanical failure of the parking heater. I hope you can have a better understanding of the relevant knowledge of the parking heater. You can pay attention to our official website!

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