What is diesel air heater?

Diesel air heater was first produced in Europe in 1940s. It is mainly used to preheat the engine in winter and provide heating for the driver's cab or bus compartment. Since then, the products have spread rapidly in Europe and North America. Compared with Europe and North America, the development of automobile fuel heater in China is relatively late. In the early 1960s, Ningbo win full auto parts and Wuhan body accessories research institute took the lead in putting into production and launching FJ series air fuel heater. Then, based on the digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign technologies, YJ and YJP series fuel oil heaters were launched. These products basically met the heating requirements of domestic passenger cars and other vehicles at that time, and occupied the vast majority of the market. After entering the 1990s, with the increasingly strict foreign environmental protection regulations and the improvement of passenger comfort requirements, the air conditioning technology in automobile regulations has put forward higher requirements for combustion control, emission control and noise control of fuel heater, which promotes the technical progress of domestic automobile fuel heater.



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