What are the misunderstandings of parking heater industry knowledge?

This is the related question we are going to talk about in this issue. The answer to this question is in the following elaboration. Please see the following summary:

Parking heater

1、 The higher the outlet air temperature, the better the heater

Many customers will compare the air outlet temperature of the parking heater before purchasing the heater, and put their hands in front of the air outlet of the heater to experience the air outlet temperature of the heater. But today we tell you that this method is wrong. Whether the parking heater is easy to use or not does not necessarily depend on the temperature of the air outlet. Whether the heater is easy to use or not depends on the heat release of the heater. The higher the heat release, the faster the temperature inside the car will rise. In order to make the air temperature high, many manufacturers will reduce the air outlet to raise the air temperature, giving customers the illusion. Therefore, we should consider the selection comprehensively.




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