Benefits of installing an on-board preheating system

1. save time People who have difficulty getting up no longer have to struggle to get up half an hour or more early. You just have to send a text message under the bed.

2. there is no need to be frozen In winter in Northeast China, the temperature is -25 ℃ or even lower in the morning. When you get up and warm up in the morning, your butt is frozen when you sit in the car, and your hands are frozen when you stand outside to defrost the windows. These problems will not occur in the future.

3. those who have children enjoy more It is no longer cold to send children to school, downstairs and on the bus every morning.

4. protect the engine The cold start will cause great wear to the vehicle. The warm-up car will no longer cause damage to the cold start, reduce the wear to the engine and prolong the service life of the car.

5. easy to operate The system can be started remotely through remote control, especially mobile phone remote control. As long as there is a signal through app client or SMS, no matter how far away it is, it can be heated if it wants to be heated and stopped if it wants to be stopped.

6. have face In winter, I will drive my car to go out with my friends. As soon as the car is warm, my friends will keep praising me.

7. it can be ventilated in summer In summer, when a car is parked in the hot sun for a while, it becomes a steamer. Since this on-board system can control the warm wind, it can also blow the cold wind. In summer, getting on the car will no longer suffer.

8. really save worry and money I'll make an account.



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