What are the preheating device styles of air heating car heater

What are the preheating device styles of air heating car heater? This is the related question we are going to talk about in this issue. The answer to this question is in the following elaboration. Please see the summary as follows:


Car heater

(1) the oil circuit is heated to solve the problem of icing on the oil path. The electricity is used to heat the low pressure oil circuit such as oil tank, oil pipe and automobile preheater filter, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of icing and hanging wax, ensure the normal fuel supply of the engine, optimize the quality of the fuel spray, make the combustion of the engine more sufficient, and also have a good protective effect on the engine. Electric heating refitting is relatively simple, just need to install heating body on low-pressure oil circuit, but we must pay attention to power matching and circuit protection, otherwise it is likely to cause vehicle circuit failure, or even vehicle spontaneous combustion.

(2) The liquid fuel air heater can also satisfy the heating of the cab. This kind of preheating device uses the liquid fuel air heater to heat the circulating water of the vehicle. After heating, the circulating water has a special pipeline into the tank to heat the tank separately. Although it's a little troublesome to refit, the effect is many times better, so it's more popular with car owners!

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