What is the carbon deposition in the parking heater actually washing?

It is obvious that carbon deposition is the residue in the cleaning of fuel injection nozzle, throttle valve, oil pipeline, spark plug and other components. The frequency of cleaning is the throttle valve, which is one of the components most prone to carbon deposition, and it is easy to affect the normal operation of the engine.

What are the symptoms of carbon deposition?

1. The cold car ignites for many times, which is difficult to start, and the hot car is normal.

2. The engine idle speed is unstable, high and low.

3. When filling empty oil, I feel sluggish acceleration and stuffy.

4. Weak driving, especially when overtaking, slow acceleration response, unable to reach the original vehicle power.

5. The tail gas is dazzling, pungent and seriously exceeding the standard.

6. Fuel consumption is higher than before.



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