Four Kinds of Faults of Electric Vehicle Heater

1. Current cutoff: In the current cutoff condition, if the temperature control of the electric vehicle heater is controlled by the outlet temperature, the sensor signal cannot supply the correct signal, which always requires heating, and the electric heater is getting hotter and hotter. If the over temperature sensor operates, the power supply can be blocked. If the over temperature sensor does not operate, either the electric heating element will burn out, or the container will crack or melt, regardless of which situation occurs, Unexpected results may occur in explosion-proof occasions.

2. The orientation of the overtemperature sensor is incorrect: if the orientation of the sensor is close to one circuit of the electric heater without heating, and other circuits are heating, the overtemperature sensor cannot detect the correct temperature or hundreds of degrees later.

3. The wiring of the overtemperature sensor is incorrect: when multiple electric heaters are used on the same skid, the wires may be connected and plugged by mistake. For example, there are three electric heaters in parallel to heat the natural gas, 1 # and 2 # heaters are running, and 3 # heater is unnecessary. If the overtemperature sensor of 2 # heater is connected with 3 # heater by mistake, and the flow stops suddenly, 3 # sensor can not turn off 2 # heater all the time, and the heater is burnt out after all.

4. Cracking of electric heating element: Many electric vehicle heater plants have invested a lot of experience and research on the cracking of tube shell heat exchanger. However, there are few papers on the cracking of electric heater element. The reason is that the electric heating element is full of solid magnesium oxide powder, which can crack. In high voltage situations, the magnesium oxide powder can also be knocked out of the wiring chamber, causing electrical leakage.



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