How is the sensor of car heater antiseptic

It's time to talk about the relevant knowledge of car heater. In order to deepen your understanding of car heater, let's talk about how the sensor of car heater is anti-corrosion. Please see the following summary:

Car heater

(1) To know whether the tested medium is compatible with 316L: 316317l alloy has no corrosion in 100 hours 5% salt spray test.

(2) When purchasing sensor products, consult the supplier whether the medium has an impact on the sensor; through the selection of anti-corrosion materials for the missile body, in order to meet the needs of users.

(3) We can use the isolation method: there are molybdenum 2 titanium and tantalum plates in front of the pressure transmitter, the pressure between the diaphragm and the ballistic tube is transmitted by methyl silicone oil, the minimum range can be 0 ~ 100KPA, if the diaphragm material is not corrosion-resistant, a layer of F46 diaphragm can be added, but the sensitivity of the instrument is reduced. F46 can also be directly used as the isolation diaphragm, and fluorine oil can be used as the transfer fluid, which can play a dual isolation role.

In the process of using the sensor, once it is found that it is not compatible with the media, the sensor must be replaced immediately. For some special media, we can use special materials or special structure to measure. The sensor will definitely be more widely used in the future, so as a manufacturer, we should actively develop new sensors to meet the needs.

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