What is the cause of carbon deposits in parking heaters?

1. Insufficient fuel combustion: When the pump fuel is greater than the demand for a long time, the fuel combustion in the combustion chamber is not fully burned and it is easy to form carbon deposits. At this time, the heater can be dry burned for 3 to 5 times without pumping fuel. If it is not alleviated, clean up carbon deposits.

2. Low oil quality: Many drivers use oil from small gas stations. These oils are low-refined and blended oils in professional terms. They are mixed with a lot of biodiesel smelted from waste oil. These low-quality oils contain more impurities. There is a lot of water, and there are more particles after combustion. Long-term accumulation will cause carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. Therefore, we recommend that most drivers use high-quality fuel.

This is the main content of this issue. I hope everyone can pay attention to the above reasons. If you want to learn more about parking heaters, please remember to pay attention to the content of our website.




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