Knowledge of the park heater motor

Knowledge of the park heater motor

People who often play with the car are familiar with the parking heater. In order to deepen everyone's understanding of the parking heater, let's talk about the knowledge points related to the parking heater motor. Please see the following summary:

Parking heater

Motor troubleshooting

Fault cause: the motor is not connected correctly

Check whether the plug-in is correctly connected and whether the lead wire is loose. If yes, please plug it again

Fault cause: the motor leads are short circuited or open circuited

Use a multimeter to check whether the motor leads are short circuited or open circuited. If yes, repair or replace them

Fault cause: motor damage

Power on the motor to check whether it rotates normally. If it does not rotate normally, replace it

The above is the main content of this issue. I hope you can have a better understanding of the relevant knowledge points of the parking heater.



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