What should we pay attention to when installing air heater

Air heater everyone should have an understanding, mainly for the gas out of the electric heating equipment for heating. Today, I would like to share with you what we need to pay attention to when installing the air heater

1. Check the integrity of the air heater before installation, and screw out the pipe buckle and screw plug.

2. When steam is used as the heat medium in the air heater, steam should be injected about 10 minutes before the fan starts to preheat the radiator, so as to avoid a large amount of condensed water generated by steam suddenly entering the cold radiator and impacting the equipment.

3. The connecting pipe (water pipe and steam pipe) connecting the air heater shall be the same size as the inlet and outlet pipe joint of the radiator, and the connecting pipe shall not be used to support the heater.

4. Before the installation of the air heater, it should be clearly seen that the steam inlet pipe end is the finned tube end with shrinkage hole. A steam trap shall be installed at the end of the return water connecting pipe, and the drainage capacity of the steam trap shall exceed 3-4 times of the condensate water of the radiator.

5. When the air inlet pipe of the air heater is directly connected with the outdoor, a blocking device should be set at the air inlet to prevent the radiator from freezing when it stops working.

The above is about the air heater in the installation need to pay attention to a few points, hope to help you better, more product information, welcome to pay attention to our website or call information.




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