Parking heater evaluation

The host position should be carefully selected

After determining the oil extraction method, the next step is to choose the installation location of the main engine, which should be treated differently according to the actual situation of different vehicles. For example, in some models, there will be a toolbox under the seats of the main driver and the co driver, and it is the choice of most drivers to install the main engine in the toolbox. If there is no such toolbox, it should be installed in the cab, usually around the sleeper.



However, when selecting the installation position in the cab, it should be noted that no obstructions should be placed around the air inlet and outlet of the main engine, because it may block the air passage of the main engine of the heater, resulting in the failure of insufficient air inlet of the heater. Moreover, due to the high temperature of the warm air discharged from the air outlet, there may be potential safety hazards. WIN FULLis equipped with ventilation ducts as standard. It is suggested that ventilation ducts can be selected to connect the air inlet and outlet.

Convenient switch installation is preferred

The position of the control switch of the heater is also critical. It can be installed in the blank space on the operation panel of the car, but it should be installed in a place where it is convenient to operate, so as to prevent misoperation when driving at night. WIN FULL is equipped with a round control switch, and when the heater is turned on, the switch will have a yellow indicator light on, indicating that it is working, and the indicator light will go out after it is turned off.






After the installation position and oil extraction method are solved, the power line, hot gas pipe, oil pipe and exhaust pipe can be ready for installation. In the process of installation, many professional tools need to be used. For example, the reamer should be the most commonly used tool in the installation process. When reaming, the size of the hole diameter needs to be paid attention to, especially when installing the oil suction pipe on the oil tank. If the hole diameter is too large or too small, it will bring trouble to the installation.



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