Three ways to start car heater

Timed start: Use the digital timer to set the time and automatically start in the morning. The novel and intuitive menu bar displays the user guide, which is convenient and fast. It not only saves the time of warming up the car, but also greatly reduces the cold wear caused by low temperature start. Extend engine service life by more than 30%.

 ②Special remote control: It can be started remotely from hundreds of meters away and can control the internal temperature of the cabin. Three heating times can be preset within 7 days, continuous heating, simple and reliable operation, and its control range is within 800 meters.

 ③Mobile phone remote control: send a text message or make a call to the vehicle to turn on the air heater. The remote control distance is determined by the network coverage and the heating time can be preset, which is extremely convenient.

Only after understanding the several starting methods of the air-heated car heater can everyone better control and use it. 




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