Parking heater evaluation

Product characteristics analysis and comments

Save electricity and fuel. This is the first feature of the air top 2000 st parking heating system, and it is also a concern of drivers. The main performance is in two aspects. First, the oil pump provided by Weibo stone is an electronic pulse pump, a special intermittent working mode, so the oil consumption is small; and the highest 20 watts running power is also very economical.


On the other hand, thanks to the precise control of the fuel supply pump, it can ensure that the fuel inhaled each time can be fully burned without waste. This can also be explained from the fact that there is no obvious smoke and no pungent smell in the exhaust emission during our installation and test.




However, the temperature of the exhaust gas discharged after combustion is very high. We used a common plastic mineral water bottle to do the test, and put the bottle at the exhaust outlet. We can clearly see that the high temperature of the exhaust gas leads to the deformation of the bottle. Although there is no open fire, keep away from the exhaust port when the heater is running to avoid scalding.

Humanized design, suit measures to local conditions. After the oil pump is fixed on the vehicle, it will be found that the oil pump fixed by the gasket will shake slightly to the left and right with the shaking of the vehicle in operation. This is not the reason for the poor installation, but for the sake of safety, the shock absorption design is specially made for the small oil pump, so as to prevent the vehicle from driving for a long time, and the uninterrupted bumping will cause the oil pump failure.



Secondly, the design of the control switch is also very simple and user-friendly. The red mark on the outer ring of the switch represents the temperature, and the signal indicator light is in the middle of the knob. Although there is only one signal indicator light, it can transmit fault information through constant lighting and flashing. Normally on is power on, and it works normally; flashing is fault, in which three consecutive flashes are main engine fault codes and five consecutive flashes are oil pump fault codes.




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