Points to note before and after installing electric car heaters

 1. Before installing the equipment, check that the heater of the electric vehicle is in good condition, and unscrew the pipe buckle and plug.

2. When the electric vehicle heater uses steam as the heating medium, about ten minutes before the fan starts, the radiator steam is preheated to avoid accidentally entering the cold water tank and a lot of condensate, which will impact the equipment.

3. Connected to electric vehicle heaters (pipes and pipes), should be the same size as the radiator inlet and outlet pipe joints, and cannot be used to support the heater pipe.

4. The air energy water heater should be clearly seen in the household equipment. One end of the finned tube of the intake pipe has a coin with a hole. The drain pipe should be equipped with a trap, and the drainage volume of the trap should be 3 to 4 times that of the radiator.

5. When the air intake pipe of the electric vehicle heater directly communicates with the outside, install a blocking device at the air inlet to avoid freezing when the radiator stops working.

This is the main content of this issue. In order to ensure that electric vehicle heaters can exert their maximum efficiency, I hope everyone can pay attention to the above points when installing them.




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