Daily maintenance method of car heater

 Only by doing a good job in car heater maintenance can it prolong its service life. So what is the daily maintenance method of car heaters ? Please see our specific description of this issue below

1. After the heater has been running for a period of time (according to the user's usage), the ignition plug should be unscrewed to clean up the carbon deposits. If the ignition plug is burned, the ignition plug should be removed and replaced with a new one.

2. If too much carbon deposits cause the thermal efficiency to decrease, clean the radiating fins on the inner wall of the water jacket and the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber.

3. If you find that the heater main engine intake pipe, exhaust pipe and oil drop pipe are blocked by mud, please clean and dredge in time. Please keep the heater compartment clean, and flammable debris is strictly prohibited around it.



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