Installation position and fault code of air heating parking heater

5. Wiring and installation


Please follow the following instructions when wiring the heater: pay attention not to damage the insulation of the wire. Should avoid: scratch, discount, clamping, the impact of heat.

Please note that!

■ it must be connected to the battery to avoid the influence of other on-board electrical appliances on the heater before the key door can be disconnected.

When the wires, switches and controllers are placed inside the vehicle, they should be far away from the heating parts to avoid being heated and damp, so as not to affect their functions.

When fixing the wire harness, do not fix the wire harness on the moving and vibrating parts to avoid breaking the wire harness or replacing the connector.

The positive and negative poles of wiring harness can be lengthened without permission.

6. Fuel supply and related connections

Installation angle and height of oil pump



Please note that!

Permanently use the oil pump of the vehicle itself to supply oil to the heater, and the oil pump shall be installed under the heater.

A. The vertical height between the oil pump installation and the highest oil level (the longest is 1.8m);

B. Oil pump installation and minimum oil level, maximum suction head (up to 1m);

C. Maximum lift from oil pump to heater (up to 2m).

Connection of oil pipe

When connecting the oil pipe, insert the oil pump nozzle and oil take-off pipe into the black rubber connecting hose to produce seamless butt joint in the hose, so as to avoid the formation of bubbles in the oil circuit and affect the combustion effect.



TInstallation angle of T-joint:


1, from the fuel tank 2, choose the car engine

Use T-shaped tee to take oil from the oil way of automobile engine near the oil tank.



1. Automobile fuel tank oil take-off pipe 2, to automobile engine oil pump 3, T-shaped tee 4, electromagnetic pump 5, connecting hose 6, oil pipe






1, connector on heater 2, maximum oil pressure height 3, minimum fuel content

aVertical height of oil pump installed under oil tank: a 3M

bVertical height of oil pump installed above oil tank:

Diesel: B 1m gasoline: B 0.5m

cVertical height from oil pump to heater (oil pump should be installed below heater): C 2m

Safety instructions for auxiliary tubing!

In order to prevent the oil pipe from being damaged or producing noise due to vibration, it must be firmly fixed.

When compressing the oil pipe, attention should be paid to avoid the tension, friction or vibration of the oil pipe caused by the torsion of the vehicle and the movement of the engine, and the appropriate position should be selected for fixation. The oil pump should be far away from the heat source. Do not rotate the heater or automobile engine close to each other. If it crosses or crosses these high temperature pipes, put on the protective hose if necessary.

After all the oil supply equipment is installed and the heater is started up and running again, the connectors of all parts should be checked to see if there is oil leakage.

When the heater is used for the first time, because there is no oil in the oil pipe, it needs to be started many times or use the fuel filling function to suck up the oil before it can work normally.

static electricity uses the vehicle's own oil pump to supply oil to the heater

Application requirements of T-shaped tee:

The T-shaped tee must be installed between the original oil pump and the original oil tank. Do not connect between the original oil pump and the engine, so as to avoid the high pressure of the original oil pump will be injected into the injector, causing great danger. For vehicles with the original oil pump installed in the oil tank, T-shaped tee can not be used, but oil extractor should be used.

Precautions for oil circuit maintenance and repair:

Before using the heater every year, check whether the connection of each part of the oil circuit is loose. Check whether the hose and oil pipe are aged. After operation, check whether there is oil leakage in the connecting parts of the oil circuit. If there is any abnormality, it should be handled quickly.

When the heater is used for the first time every year, due to continuous placement, there may be no oil in the oil pipe, resulting in the failure of normal operation of the frequency converter at the previous start, which is a normal phenomenon. After starting again, the fuel pump can work normally after the fuel is sucked up.

5Fault code

Note: Nine lamp control switch and voice control switch fault code: LED light flashes 15 times or digital tube displays 15, which means that the air inlet temperature is too high. It is necessary to check whether the air inlet and outlet are internally circulating or the ambient temperature is too high.



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