Common fault analysis of parking heater:

1. When the indicator light flashes, you can check the flashing frequency and judge the fault position by referring to the fault flashing code table. If the indicator light is always on, it may be that the control circuit is broken or the ground wire is not connected. Repair or replace the corresponding parts.

2. If the ignition plug is damaged, check the resistance between the two leads of the ignition plug with a multimeter. The resistance should be between 0.6-1.2 ohms. If it is not in this range, replace the ignition plug.

3. The heater is overheated and the radiator and defroster are not hot, which may be due to foreign matters blocked in the circulating pipeline; The rubber hose is bent; Water pump failure; There is gas in the circulating water path; If the inlet and return water valves are not opened and the engine thermostat is opened too early, find out the causes and carry out corresponding maintenance.




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