How to operate the car heater?

How to operate the car heater specifically? This is the relevant question we are going to talk about for everyone in this issue. The answer to this question is in the following summary and explanation:

A. Press the water pump switch of the car heater, and the water pump works. Using the switch can use the engine waste heat to heat the car interior and defrost the windshield.

B. Press the heater switch, the heater starts to work and automatically ignites.

C. After the heater catches fire, the controller automatically cuts off the glow plug and the heater works normally.

D. The heater water inlet temperature sensor automatically controls the constant temperature of the coolant in the circulating system. When the water inlet temperature reaches 80, the fire will be extinguished; when the temperature reaches 65, the ignition will be restarted and the water pump will continue to work.

E. Shutdown: Turn off the heater switch first, then turn off the water pump switch. Do not turn off the water pump first and then turn off the heater.

The above is the main content of this issue. I hope everyone can strictly follow the above methods when operating car heaters.




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