Treatment and fault analysis of scale in electric car heater

Fault analysis of electric car heater:

1. The heating effect is not obvious

The heater is overheated and the radiator and defroster are not hot. Causes: the water return port is too small; there is gas in the circulating water circuit; the rubber hose is bent; there is foreign matter in the circulating pipeline; the water pump is faulty; the water inlet and return valve is not opened, and the engine thermostat is opened too early. Find out the causes and carry out corresponding maintenance.

2. There is no reaction after the electric heater is turned on

1) No power input. Measure whether the heater power supply is normal according to the circuit diagram, and check the vehicle safety and line power supply. Check the power supply, check the power on signal line, and check the ground wire.

2) Thermocouple problem: phenomenon: measure both ends of thermocouple, the resistance is 0 ohm. Cause: the two outgoing lines of thermocouple are connected with the shell, causing the ignition sensor to be grounded.




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