Extend engine life by more than 30%

Think about rushing into the car against the cold wind and cold air every day. It still needs to be preheated for a few minutes to feel warm and resist. Especially the riders in the north, the temperature will even reach 37 or 38 degrees Celsius in severe winter, which is very painful. Weibostone brand recommends you to use the parking heater to make a mobile warm room around you!

The parking heater is an on-board heating device for the automobile engine. It burns the fuel in the vehicle to heat the coolant in the water tank, so that the vehicle can heat the compartment and the engine without relying on the engine.

Compared with traditional heating equipment, the application of parking heater has more convenient installation and better flexibility, and does not need to rely on the engine for operation. If you have the idea of purchasing a parking heater, you are welcome to refer to the weberstone brand parking heater. The General Department of weberstone is located in Munich. Since its establishment in 1901, it has adhered to the professional, rigorous and innovative process concept of German manufacturing.

The advantages of the parking heater are:

"Saving money" saves the cost of buying a garage, and there is no need to rent a garage in winter,

"Vehicle saving" avoids cold start and prolongs the service life of the engine by more than 30%,

"Fuel saving" saves nearly 30% of fuel consumption compared with idling vehicles,

"Worry free" doesn't need to start the engine to warm up in advance to solve the cold ten minutes on the bus,

"Technology" can be started remotely with only one mobile phone and is not limited by distance,

"Environmental protection" reduces the emission of automobile exhaust pollutants, and HC and Co are significantly reduced by 60-80%.



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