The motorhome is equipped with a fuel heater, which is more comfortable to take a bath with hot water

Many friends would like to buy a fuel heater when purchasing or refitting an RV. What's the benefit of adding a fuel heater? Of course, it's comfortable and convenient!

When driving in winter, we can always turn on the air conditioner to keep warm. When the vehicle stops and shuts down, the heat will be cut off immediately. At this time, the advantage of the fuel heater comes into play. The on-board fuel heater is not limited by the engine and can also work when the engine is off, providing a warm and comfortable heat source for the RV space continuously and efficiently.

Traveling by RV is very beautiful. It is very convenient to cook and rest. The only headache is the hot water supply and bathing. The oil fired water heater also has a special advantage. It can quickly obtain hot water through pipeline modification and heat exchanger, which is convenient for daily life and bath water supply.

For the scheme of heating and hot water supply by refitting the parking heater for recreational vehicles, please click: refitting the heating and hot water supply for recreational vehicles



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