Parking heater evaluation

WIN FULL car heater is equipped with electronic pulse oil pump as standard. It works intermittently and takes oil directly from the main oil tank. The power consumption of the whole machine is 24 watts. It only consumes one liter of oil every four hours when it runs at full power. In terms of the current oil price, it consumes up to 10 yuan of oil per night, which is more fuel-efficient than idling engine.


There are three connecting lines on the oil pump, one is connected to the oil tank to take oil, the second is connected to the heater main engine to send oil, and the third is connected to the electric control connector. The peak power of the oil pump is 24 watts when it works. For the power consumption, kayou can rest assured that it is only equivalent to the power of a tail light bulb. If it is used for a long time, you don't have to worry about the battery power consumption, and the car can't be turned on.

Compact structure and simple principle

The internal structure of air top 2000 st heater is mainly composed of motor, fan, electronic control unit, flame detector, ignition plug, combustion chamber and other parts. Its compact structure design is conducive to the internal installation of the vehicle. In addition, the noise during operation is very low, and the temperature of the cab can be raised quickly.





Through the above pictures, we can clearly understand its working principle. Starting from the oil inlet of the oil pump, the fuel is sent to the ignition plug of the main engine, which is fused with the air from the air inlet at the same time to ignite. Then the air from the air inlet is heated through the combustion chamber, and finally discharged to the cab through the warm air inlet, so as to improve the temperature of the cab. After combustion, the exhaust gas is discharged from the combustion chamber The principle is very simple and easy to understand.

Precautions for reasonable installation

Although the air top 2000 st parking heater has a compact structure design, its installation is still a relatively large project. Let's talk about the precautions during installation.



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