What are the advantages of using parking heater

Parking heater

Generally speaking, in winter, the car will start first, let the car warm up for a few minutes, wait for the car to become warm before driving. Or use non independent auxiliary heater, or electric auxiliary heater to preheat the car. But these methods all have some shortcomings, for example, the car may not be able to start, and can never surpass the cold of the first ten minutes, and so on. However, the parking heater has almost no shortcomings, and preheating the engine in advance can reduce exhaust emissions and improve fuel efficiency. And it's economical to use the parking heater. For each heat, only about a quarter of a liter of gasoline is consumed.

With the parking heater. You can not only save an expensive garage rental fee, but also enjoy the warm carriage. Even in the hot summer, you can also turn on the ventilation device to provide cool air for the car. You can get more at one stroke. Why not?

Tips for using

Start the parking heater 30 minutes before driving, and start the air conditioner after the car starts. It can be started through two ways: wireless telephone controller and timer;

Benefits: avoid cold start and extend engine life.

When parking for rest, turn off the engine and start the parking heater;

Benefits: safety, reduced emissions and possible exhaust inhalation.

The above is the main content of this issue, I hope you can have a more full and in-depth understanding of the parking heater related knowledge.




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