Precautions for installation and use of automobile water heating heater

  there are many main precautions during heater installation.

1. Cut off the connection with the car battery before starting various operations.

2. Heaters shall not be used in closed rooms such as garages or parking buildings.

3. Before starting various operations on the heater, turn off the heater and let all heating parts cool down.

4. The exhaust gas discharge pipe shall not be aligned with the vehicle, and there shall be no combustibles around the pipe.

5. The heater must be fixed on the vehicle during installation to avoid collision during driving. The inlet pipe and exhaust pipe shall not enter sundries to avoid pipeline blockage.

6. Remember not to cut off the power supply of the car immediately when turning off the water heater of the car, so that the heat of the heater cannot be effectively dissipated. This will damage the heater.

7. During installation, pay attention that the installation position should not be too far away from the oil tank. In that case, the metering oil pump cannot send the oil to the automobile water heater.



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