Reasons for carbon deposition of air heater (air heater / air heater):

There are two reasons for carbon deposition in automobile heaters, namely, insufficient fuel combustion and low oil quality, of which low oil quality is the main reason.

1. Insufficient fuel combustion: when the amount of oil pumped is larger than the demand for a long time, the fuel combustion in the combustion chamber is insufficient and carbon deposits are easy to form. At this time, the heater can be burned dry for 3-5 times without oil pumping. If the situation cannot be alleviated, the carbon deposits can be cleaned.

2. Low oil quality: many drivers use the oil from small gas stations. In professional terms, these oils are low oil refining and mixed oil refining, in which a lot of biodiesel melted by gutter oil is mixed. These low-quality oil products contain more impurities, more water, and more particulate matter after combustion. The long-term accumulation leads to carbon deposition in the combustion chamber. Therefore, it is recommended that most drivers use high-quality fuel.



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