What are the working steps of the parking heater

 It's time to talk about the relevant knowledge of the parking heater. In order to deepen your understanding of the parking heater, let's talk about the working steps of the parking heater

6. The heat is absorbed by the water through the heat exchanger and recycled to the engine water tank

7. The water temperature sensor senses the temperature of the outlet water. If it reaches the set temperature, it will turn off or reduce the combustion level

8. The air controller can control the air intake of combustion air to ensure the combustion efficiency;

9. The fan motor can control the air inlet speed;

The overheat protection sensor can detect that when there is no water or the water path is blocked and the temperature is higher than 108 , the heater will be automatically turned off.

The main content of this issue is these, in order to better use the parking heater, we must grasp its working steps in time

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