The first step of car maintenance in autumn is to thoroughly clean, polish and wax the surface of your car.

Tire maintenance_ Parking heater

In hot summer, many car owners will release some tire pressure to prevent a flat tire. But in autumn, when the temperature begins to drop, it is necessary to supplement the tire pressure to keep it within the specified pressure range.

At the same time, there are many rainy and frosty weather in autumn, and the slippery road also requires the tires to maintain sufficient friction. If the tire surface is seriously worn, replace it with a new tire in time, and try to replace the tire that has been repaired for many times.

Engine maintenance_ Automobile preheater

After the engine is used for a period of time, especially for long-distance cars, a layer of oil sludge will be deposited inside the engine. Over time, it will increase the fuel consumption of the engine, reduce the power, and even cause damage to the engine. Therefore, the engine should be cleaned after autumn.

At the same time, the engine oil, brake oil and antifreeze in the engine compartment should be checked, and the insufficient ones should be added in time to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. If the owner uses water instead of antifreeze in summer, remember to change the water back to antifreeze at this time.

These are some tips for car maintenance in autumn

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