Two issues that need to be paid attention to when purchasing electric car heaters

(1) Since the electric car heaters used in cars are limited by space, the heaters are very small, but the engine requires a lot of heat, so the electric car heaters are required to have a power of at least 5KW! In other words, it is not only small but also to achieve maximum thermal energy conversion to achieve maximum heat utilization.

(2) Power consumption problem. Electricity-is the heart of the vehicle! No power, no function to talk about! Most of the time, electric vehicle heaters work when the vehicle is stationary. At this time, the battery power is not replenished, only consumption. Especially in winter, the battery power is generally low. Therefore, it is most critical to ensure that the vehicle has enough power to start after the engine is warmed up.

This is the main content of this issue. I hope you will be more comfortable when purchasing electric car heaters. If you have any other questions about electric car heaters, please contact us in time.




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