The installation of webaston will bring users:

1、 Comfort: it is warm to go out for business, ski, and take family and friends on the bus in winter.

2、 Save time: as long as you send a clockwork message, the on-board preheating system will warm up your car, saving the time to idle and warm up the car after getting on the bus. Getting on the bus is warm, and children and adults will no longer be frozen;

3、 Safer: the warm and comfortable driving environment allows you to fully stretch out your hands and feet to ensure your driving safety.

4、 Protect the engine: the warm-up car will no longer have cold start damage, reduce engine wear and prolong the service life of the car.

5、 Easy to operate: start or stop the short message with wind up command, and it is not limited by distance and time anytime and anywhere.



Contact: Judy Lin

Phone: +8615888128513

E-mail: [email protected]

Add: 228 Meidis Road, Wuxiang, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China

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