Reasons for insufficient temperature of parking heater:

The parking heater is currently the most widely used and energy-saving heating method. However, if the temperature of the parking heater is always not up to the standard after installation, what should be done, especially in the plastic production industry. The manufacturer of the parking heater provides two solutions to this problem. When the injection molding machine is similar to small power, the temperature of some machines is always a little different after the parking heater is installed. Sometimes it is confusing. Most of it is not because of the low power installation. This is caused by the PID algorithm output by the temperature controller in the original machine. The starting signal is very short, and the parking heater is disconnected before it can work. Therefore, most of the time, the parking heater handles the stop status, and there is no heating. At this time, we can adjust the disconnection delay working time in the machine to meet the temperature requirements. When the granulator is similar to high power, the temperature will not be reached after the parking heater is installed. Generally, the power is not high enough. It can be realized by increasing the actual power. If it is determined that the actual power is not small, it is caused by the material of the barrel. Different materials absorb different heat at different working frequencies. We should try to increase the resonant capacitance to increase the Q value and improve the high-frequency current of the coil. The temperature inside and outside the gun barrel can be uniform to increase the temperature of the gun barrel. If the temperature is not enough, the above two cases should be solved in general.



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