Share common sense of car maintenance in winter and car mobile warm storage

Share the common sense of vehicle maintenance in winter and the mobile warm storage of vehicles. In winter, people often can't stand the cold on that day. Even steel cars sometimes have "fever and cold". Then, how can cars be maintained in winter? Have a "full body check" for your car

In winter, you must send your car to a 4S store or a professional car repair shop for a thorough maintenance. The cold winter is a great test for your car. Therefore, it is very important to carry out a full-body maintenance for your car in advance. Serious car carbon deposition is also the main cause of many car winter diseases. It is recommended that car owners go to a professional maintenance station to clean the carbon deposition in the combustion chamber and the top of the piston. If conditions permit, you can also clean the fuel pressure regulator and replace the gasoline filter regularly to reduce the impact of impurities and moisture in gasoline on the oil circuit. If the vehicle is parked in the garage (warm storage or cold storage), it certainly does not need to do too much heating treatment when starting the vehicle in the morning, and it can be started easily, but you must pay attention to ventilation at this time. After starting the vehicle, people immediately leave the garage and open the garage doors to maintain ventilation in the garage. The most common problem in winter is that the brake system is frozen. Although the current vehicles have air drying equipment, many vehicles still can't move forward because the brake system is frozen. The common problem is that the air pump can't get air, and the air pressure has been soaring without exhaust. In addition, the brake valve is frozen and the brake doesn't return or there is no trailer brake at all. In case of such a fault, card friends must pull down the parking driver's brake first and then get off the car for inspection. Don't forget to pull the handbrake, let alone directly get under the car and bake it with fire or scald the frozen part with boiling water, because once you scald the car, you can go. If you don't pull the parking handbrake, it's a dream to think of it under the car.

Before the season change, professional additives should be selected for a full body beauty for the car, and antifreeze, engine oil and glass liquid should be replaced in time. Huaxinlian reminds all car owners that please check the vehicle in time when traveling in winter, and do not affect driving safety because of the weather.



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