Operating principle of parking heating:

Operating principle of parking heating:

Draw a small amount of fuel from the fuel tank into the combustion chamber of the parking heater, and then ignite it with an igniter to obtain an open flame; It is connected with the coolant pipeline of the combustion chamber water tank, and the heated coolant circulates in the vehicle; After passing the heating radiator, heat the car and preheat the engine. The whole process does not require starting the vehicle or engine. Generally speaking, heating for 20 minutes can make the car warm up, the engine is fully warmed, and the ice and snow on the window will melt. Depending on the size of the heater, the amount of fuel required for one heating varies from 0.2 liters to 0.3 liters. There are many ways to activate the parking heating system. First, the parking heater can be started regularly; Secondly, the remote control can be started hundreds of meters away through the special remote control; The most interesting way is to use your mobile phone to turn on the parking heater remotely. That is to say, you can turn on the parking heater by texting or calling the vehicle, which is extremely convenient.



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