What is the parking heater, divided into several types?

The parking heater is an on-board heating device that is independent of the car engine and can work independently. It can preheat the car engine and cab parked in the cold and low temperature environment in winter without starting the engine. Completely eliminate the cold start wear of cars.

Generally, the parking heater is divided into water heater and air heater according to the medium

Parking liquid heater

It is used to start the vehicle engine at low temperature. And windshield defrosting

The installation method needs to be installed together with the engine

Parking air heater

The air heater is divided into integrated machine and split machine

Integrated parking heater

Integrated diesel air heater

Parking heater split machine

The heater is divided into 12v and 24v

The all-in-one machine means that the machine and the oil tank are connected together, and can be used when the power is connected

The split machine can only be used after the machine and oil tank are installed

The parking air heater, also known as firewood heater, is mainly used for heating the cab of large trucks, engineering vehicles and heavy trucks, so as to heat the cab and defrost the windshield

The parking heater is characterized by low fuel consumption, fast heating, good heating effect, simple installation, etc



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