Introduction to automobile water heating heater - precautions

1. Vehicle liquid fuel heater can only use diesel as fuel. (yjh-q5b this type of gasoline can be used, which should be specially noted) 2. Before using the heater, the pipeline valve must be opened to ensure that the liquid in the pipeline can circulate, and at the same time, it must be filled with antifreeze, otherwise the dry grinding of the water pump will produce high temperature, resulting in damage to the water seal parts. 3. It is forbidden to turn off the heater by using the main power switch of the vehicle to prevent overheating damage in the main engine. 4. The coolant medium filled in the circulating system must be antifreeze to meet the ambient temperature requirements of the vehicle and prevent the radiator from rusting and scaling. 5. When filling the circulating system with coolant medium, the heater vent plug (on the heater water inlet pipe) and the pipeline vent valve must be opened first. When there is no gas from the vent valve, especially the heater vent plug, close the vent plug (vent valve), open the water pump switch and continue filling until the circulating system is filled with coolant medium. 6. The battery voltage of the vehicle should not be too low.

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