Parking heater evaluation


Through the above pictures, we can clearly understand its working principle. Starting from the oil inlet of the oil pump, the fuel is sent to the ignition plug of the main engine, which is fused with the air from the air inlet at the same time to ignite. Then the air from the air inlet is heated through the combustion chamber, and finally discharged to the cab through the warm air inlet, so as to improve the temperature of the cab. After combustion, the exhaust gas is discharged from the combustion chamber The principle is very simple and easy to understand.

Precautions for reasonable installation

Although the air top 2000 st parking heater has a compact structure design, its installation is still a relatively large project. Let's talk about the precautions during installation.

Choose one of the two oil extraction methods

The heater is used to heat the cab by burning diesel oil to heat the air, so how to take oil is the first consideration in the installation. There are mainly two ways to solve the problem, one is to choose a small external oil tank to provide fuel for the heater alone, the other is to link the main oil tank to take oil directly.



The two methods can provide fuel for the heater. The difference is that if the external independent fuel supply method is adopted, the fuel tank needs to be purchased and installed in the appropriate position according to the actual situation of the vehicle, and the cost is higher than that of the main fuel tank. And at present, there is no clear regulation on whether the installation of external small fuel tank is regarded as modification or not.



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