Parking heater evaluation

Parking heating system is divided into two types, one is water heating, the other is air heating. The difference is that the water heating is to preheat the engine by heating the circulating water, and at the same time, it can also warm the cab; while the air heating is to heat the cab separately without starting the car. Today we will introduce to you a classic air heated parking heater of WIN FULL.


In winter, with very low temperature, cold wind and heavy snow, it is a very difficult period for truck people running on the road day and night. Especially in the snow on the road, or waiting for loading and unloading, the cold cab is not two sets of quilts can warm. Therefore, the installation of parking heating system has become the choice of many drivers.

The biggest feature of WIN FULL parking heater is that it can provide a warm driving environment for the driver without starting the car. Compared with starting the engine through warm air heating, it not only greatly reduces the fuel consumption, but also does not cause damage to the engine due to long-term idle running. Next, let's take a look at the structure of WIN FULL parking heater and the precautions when installing and using it. 

The design is reasonable and the fuel consumption is small

A complete set of WIN FULL parking heater has three packaging boxes. In the small box are the heater host and pulse oil pump. In the large box are the standard pipes, wires and some accessories. In the smallest box are the switch equipment used to control the heater.

The shell of the heater is black and gray. On the main engine, we can clearly see two pipes, one black and one gray. The black one is an air inlet channel made of plastic material. The air from the channel plays a role in supporting combustion inside the main engine. Beside the air inlet is a small oil inlet, which transmits diesel through the pipeline. Another gray channel is used to discharge the exhaust gas after combustion. Because the temperature of the gas after combustion is high, the gray pipeline is made of metal.





WIN FULL car heater is equipped with electronic pulse oil pump as standard. It works intermittently and takes oil directly from the main oil tank. The power consumption of the whole machine is 24 watts. It only consumes one liter of oil every four hours when it runs at full power. In terms of the current oil price, it consumes up to 10 yuan of oil per night, which is more fuel-efficient than idling engine.

There are three connecting lines on the oil pump, one is connected to the oil tank to take oil, the second is connected to the heater main engine to send oil, and the third is connected to the electric control connector. The peak power of the oil pump is 24 watts when it works. For the power consumption, kayou can rest assured that it is only equivalent to the power of a tail light bulb. If it is used for a long time, you don't have to worry about the battery power consumption, and the car can't be turned on.



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