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 We all know that the diesel-fueled parking heater will produce carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other exhaust gas when it is working, and all kinds of waste will be discharged to the outside of the cab through a special sealed pipeline.If the parking heater is not properly sealed , It is easy to cause harm to the health of the personnel in the cab. If the parking heater is turned on to sleep, it will be fatal in severe cases, so the sealing ability of the parking heater is very important. Recently, we disassembled a parking heater of a different brand and found that its workmanship is very worrying.

The first impression that this parking heater gave us was that its mold was very rough. After opening the shell, it was found that cracks had appeared on the aluminum heat sink, posing a very big safety hazard.image.png



After careful observation, we found that when the heat sink of the genuine WINFULL parking heater is different, the surface of the heat sink of this domestic parking heater lacks a layer of process treatment, and the color of the heat sink and base is not like WINFULL. There are obvious chromatic aberrations.



Mold fineness is relatively rough Unlike the common cracks that occur under severe vibration or impact, this crack does not appear to be "acquired". It may be due to insufficient mold opening accuracy and "congenital" already exists during manufacturing. It shows that there are big flaws in the mold opening process.

There are obvious marks of sanding on some parts We also found a circle of very obvious grinding marks on the cavity base. This situation may also be a later remedy to make up for the lack of mold opening accuracy.



Suspected object on the fan In addition to the cracks, another interesting place is the stuck iron clip on the fan. The obvious artificial traces have already explained to us its function-dynamic balance, which is achieved by weighting the fan blades. When the fan rotates, the vibration and noise are smaller.



Material comparison with WINFULL After comparing with the heat sink of the WINFULL parking heater, it is not difficult to see that the surface of the heat sink of the brand heater on the right is relatively rough, and a layer of coating is obviously missing. The heat sink is also relatively large in thickness.


The sealing plug has a big pungent smell, and the texture is hard and the elasticity is poor



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